Sunday, August 10, 2008

Radio Show Shinnanigans

The first radio show was a complete techn fiasco, straight in at the deep end with no off air training. And so it was with baited breath, dj howy p at the helm trying to operate between 6 channels with 2 dodgy cd machines an ipod and the computer and mike, crazy stuff. Started pretty well with my show opener Link Wray & the raymen - Rumble, then me talking over the intro of Beck Gamma ray from the new lp blah blah, but the relief was so great that i let the beck lp run straight into the next track and then was all over the shop. Managed to get back together for an hour or so when i was playing zonderhoof givin myself time to think when i was having trouble cuing the next tune in Freda Payne's band of gold and started paniking because i couldnt hear anything in the cans, then just as i was trying to fade in a non existant song the bloody phone started ringing well that was enough to send me over the top. On the phone was the dj that follows me on and he couldnt get in! so when i put the next tune on i went to let him in and he was practically in tears saying bloody hell i havent heard freda payne since about 1971 when i used to go dancing in Huddersfield! And then went on to dothe dj thing and go on and tell the listners (all 8 - just joking) about it and didnt stop going on about it, very funny. When i tuned in the following eve on my way home there were these young hip hop dudes still going on about it, but not with the same view, in fact they were saying how bad it was, but hell any reaction got to be good one in my book! And what was quite funny was they then went on to rap over some moss def tune, which was actually on my playlist even though it didnt get to air because of techno difficulties. In theory its all quite easy but when you open a mike and you forget everything and anything you cant even remember how to talk it's going to be a steep learning curve.
Of course to be a chapion of new music I need new music, so to enable me to live within my means ( for the first time ever) please send all new tunage you can get your grubby mits on with as much info as you can and i will share it with THE LISTENERS, yes indeedy pop -pickers. Un till next week. Check Out
The Herbivore.

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John Liedown said...

None of this proved too be a career stumbling block for Mr, Peel.