Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Fuck Yeah it's 95bFM

Holy Hell Batman, the good folk at 95bFM have asked me to do a weekly show here in Auckland its Tuesday night Wed morning 12 midnight to 3.30am Red Bull at the ready! So for you lot in the UK it will be Tuesday 12 lunchtime to 3.30pm and in OZ it'll be sometime in between!

Sorry about the lack of set lists the last month but we've been off line ans I promise to catch up soon.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Positive Vibration 95bFM Stylee

I've been asked to post my play list for the b shows, however the first one is lost but you should be able to still find a copy on http://www.95bfm.com/ go to Sunday morning show 4-7am and the date was 12-10-08 (I think)

Link Wray & the Wraymen

Barry Adamson
007 a fantasy Bond theme
Soul Murder

All Hell Is Breaking Loose
04:45:00 AM
London Elektricity
Syncopated City

Freddy's Dead
Curtis Mayfield

The day we fell in love

Immigrant Punk
Gogol Bordello
Gypsy Punks

Alton Ellis and the Flames
All my tears
Trojan Rocksteady Box Set

Cool Rainbows
You are a beautiful Woman

Barrence Whitfield & the Savages
Stop Twisting my Arm
Call of the wild

Gentlemen Jesse & his Men
You don't have to if you don't want to

Jay Retard
You mean nothing to me

Silver Spoon
03:28:00 AM
Sl Macombee
Sense Offender

Mercury Rev
Senses on Fire

Never Stops

Nag Nag Nag
04:38:00 AM
Cabaret Voltaire
The Original Sound of Sheffield - '78 / '82 Best Of

Love blobs
Cylinder Head

The Mots
Scared of myself

Feed the Enemy
Live from the Russell Club

Luke Buda
My Imminent Demise

Gregory Issacs
Universal Tribulation
Soon Forward
African Music

Hot Lava
Resolutions '08

Candle in the wind
Fill your boots

Strike City
Lost Art

Hollywood Brats
Sick of You
Hollywood Brats
Cherry Red

Gang Gang Dance

Dance Wiv Me (Extended Mix)
04:21:00 AM
Dizzee RascalDance Wiv Me
(feat. Calvin Harris & Chrome) - EP

The Solar Flares
If you want Blood
Look what I made out of my head
Big Beat

Black Devil Disco
Open the night

ivor cutler -
01:11:00 AM

Roots Manuva
Let the spirit
Slime and reason

Nite Jewel

She Said
04:18:00 AM
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Plastic Fang

Fat Freddy's Drop
Pull the catch

Hammel on Trial
Bill Hicks

Degrees of existence

A Certain Ratio
Shack up 12"

Fire In the Crawlspace
07:06:00 AM
Dayglo Spectres

Black Milk
The Matrix

Off the hook
sub pop

Georgie Flame & the Blueflames
In the meantime

Jib Kidder

The Dirty's
I'm on fire
You should be sinnin'

The Dirty's
Rock it out tonite
You should be sinnin'

Trick Bag
03:13:00 AM
The Artesians
Mojo Music Guide Vol. 1 - Instant Garage

School of Seven Bells
I am under no disguise

Just A Little Herb
03:42:00 AM

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Positive Vibration

Radio Set 11 (16-10-08)

Fire In the Crawlspace
07:06:00 AM
Dayglo Spectres

Baby Elephant Walk
02:56:00 AM

Stone Temple Pilots - Vasoline
02:44:00 AM
Stone Temple Pilots

Baby Chaos
Negatively Yours
Single on East West

Girl I've Got A Date
02:30:00 AM
Alton Ellis & The Flames
Trojan Ska Box Set (Disc 3)

Renegades of Funk
04:35:00 AM
Rage Against The Machine

Why Won't You Give Me Your Love
03:23:00 AM
The Zutons
[non-album tracks]

Lion In The Hall
04:41:00 AM
Monkey Mafia
An Hour of Tunes

Neo Consumer
02:03:00 AM
Super Furry Animals
Hey Venus!

judy says
02:12:00 AM

Red Snapper
07:01:00 AM
Some Kind of Kink
Warp Music

04:51:00 AM
This year i ave mostly been listening two..

Flash & Crash
02:48:00 AM
Rocky And The Riddlers
Mojo Music Guide Vol. 1 - Instant Garage

Martha and the Vandelas
Love is like a (heatwave)

Dig Up Her Bones
03:02:00 AM

03:15:00 AM
Mos Def
Black on Both Sides

Stop your crying
Bob Mold
Black Sheets of rain (Virgin)

I Don't Wanna Live Alone
01:57:00 AM
...Play 9 Songs With Mr. Quint

(Goddamn Right)Its A Beautiful Day
03:29:00 AM
The Eels

11:45:00 AM
Papa was a ROLLIN' STONE

03:50:00 AM
Nomadik Souls

Tiny Monroe
Laurel Records

End Theme (Roni Size Remix)
06:55:00 AM
Zero 7

Mi condena
06:43:00 AM
Wanarpo Macho

Never Say Goodbye
04:16:00 AM
The Stranglers

Tom Waits
03:20:00 AM
Goin' Out West
Bone Machine (Virgin)

Orphans Cry
03:50:00 AM
Taj Weekes

Mark Levitator
The Power and the Glory
Self Release

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Reasons to be Cheerful... ..Part 2

Yes, isn't it great when there's no one at home.
This from my latest collection called Herbi L'vs Debbie.
I'll look forward to seeing what you other bloggers like to do on a quiet Thursday afternoon. Please forward all your artwork via the comments link, thanx.

Reasons to be Cheerful... ..Part 1

Fresh Grapefruit, straight off the tree. I recommend a dosage of A carrier bag full per week if you can get your grubby mits on them if not (and I dont condone theft at all but) you should plan a raid on the local fruit market, I advise that you work in teams like Dolphins rounding up Tuna. (thanx Tania) Serving suggestion, cut into quarters and munch the ruddy lot of it pith and all.

Thanx to every one concerned, I will be looking to plant my own tree when i escape from paradise Hell hole. Cheerful that's me.

Positive Vibration

Radio Set 10 (09-10-08)

Threshold Apprehension 5:14 Black Francis Bluefinger Alternative

You Say You Don't Love Me 2:54 Buzzcocks Product

All Hell Is Breaking Loose 4:45 London Elektricity Syncopated City Electronic

Hunter 3:59 Portishead Third (Bonus Track Version)

Walking Backwards 3:54 The Futureheads Walking Backwards - EP

She's On The Train 3:04 Lionrock An Hour of Tunes

Silver Spoon 3:28 Sl Macombee Sense Offender

More Justice 3:35 Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley Halfway Tree

Aqui No SerĂ¡ 4:21 Ozomatli Ozomatli

If You Want Me To Stay 2:58 Sly & The Family Stone

Give Me Back My Man 4:02 The B-52's Wild Planet

Fire In the Crawlspace 7:06 SJD Dayglo Spectres (more like a wooky everyday) ->

Red Red Wine 2:57 Tony Tribe Trojan SKINHEAD REGGAE Box Set (Disc 3)

Red Red Wine Original 7" press on Down Town Records ->

Mosquito Song (Hidden Track) 5:38 Queens of the Stone Age Songs for the Deaf [Bonus Tracks]

Duj Duj (Mitsou & Florentina Sandu) 3:57 Fanfare Ciocarlia Planet Sounds

Offshore Banking Business/Pennies In The Pound 6:24 The Members Sound Of The Suburbs

Creation 3:38 The Latinaires Fania DJ Series: DJ Format

pure pleasure seeker 6:31 moloko things to make and do

Dance Wiv Me (Extended Mix) 4:21 Dizzee Rascal Dance Wiv Me (feat. Calvin Harris & Chrome)
Children Crying 4:12 The Congos Dubwise and Otherwise: A Blood and Fire Audio

Not All Who Wander Are Lost 3:33 DevilDriver The Last Kind Words

Know You Now 3:03 Amy Winehouse Frank

Scissor Quickstep 3:29 The Damage Manual One

Gritty Shaker 5:18 David Holmes An Hour of Tunes

Seven Nation Army (White Stripes cover, Radio) 3:14 The Dead 60s

Shewalks 3:50 Budspells Nomadik Souls

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

On my Radio

Excuse my French here but fuck my old boots backwards there's definitely strange happening's in the air, in the water and in my bones.
It's got to be my new mantra 'ask and thou' shall receive' I've put it out there that I need to spend more time at home to get me and the family organised and to concentrate on all the things that need tending to, namely me, my kids and my wife closely followed by a career that makes us all happy which obviously includes the things that are close to my heart.
So you can imagine the weird shift in the air when yesterday I received two e-mails one from the station where I do a Thursday evening show saying that i could do another stint whenever they can fit it in! And then 5mins later from 95BFM which is the best Station in NZ (that I've found) it's college radio with a very interesting selection of tunes, shows, djs and whats more, rows and rows of good old fashioned bend covers VINYL. Now call me cheap if you like but dribble dribble can you lift that tongue up sir so i can run the hoover through...
So I get the PRIME slot (no joke Chris) between the Sat' night ravers and the Sunday morning Kids show so no difference there then just have to put a Prodigy album on and put my feet up! Well that was my initial thought, but now I'm gonna have to get my finger out my sorry arse, shake off the out of line vertebrae and get the vinyl out (at last) learn how to use the gear and bish bosh - come on, let me see you shake your tail feather,ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
This week i have been mostly setting up a new company www.tipiandyurthirenz.blogspot.com a snappy title I know (not) but it does exactly what it says on the tin.
Got to sleep now, saw backs take it out of you, you know. Oh and did i say I packed in work!
Speak soon.