Friday, August 15, 2008

Old Man Very Happy

I'm not sure why i left it this long, may have had something to do with an extremely dodgy Internet connection, but any way i eventually saw the video footage of Rollins fronting the Ruts at last years charity gig in London.

You may agree with me when i say that The Ruts were won of the best bands to come outta the late seventies punk thing, you may not. But when I heard that our Henry was goin to be fronting it was like "Take me back to ole Virginy" absolutely awesome. Now i knew Paul Fox was ill but it hadn't all stacked up in my mind.

When I saw the clip of Henry talking about them gettin' it together cos Paul wanted to play the set for one last time, tears poured from me like a watering can, uncontrollable, emotional bloody wreck.

The other reason I guess I hadn't looked was as I was still pissed off for havin' missed it in the first place, due the little move to NZ we undertook a month before! Unfortunately there was no way round it, so I had to make do with the rough old you tube footage. (Links at the bottom, Kleenex at the ready)

So there goes another of those bands that I always wanted to see, but never did because i was born just a little bit to late. I can vividly remember trying to peel off a huge poster advertising one of their gigs at The Stowaway in Newport and trying to drag it home without breaking it, but it never happened just like me never getting to see them, with or without Malcolm Owen.

Anywho, RIP Paul Fox and Malcolm Owen (of course), and thank you for makin' an old man very happy.

Never Surrender, Never Surrender.

The Herbivore.

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