Sunday, September 7, 2008

Amy, Amy, Amy. Where's my Moral Parrallell

Separated at birth....... beehives, mascara, and voices. Its all you need for a party.
You can say what you like about Amy Winehouse but for my money anyone who sports a beehive has got a clutch of sailors tat's and sings like the bastard daughter of Sly Stone and Sarah Vaughan is okay in my book.
Just because she wrote a fuckin' good album that seemed to appeal to about three quarters of the world population all at the same time and therefore became the Star that everyone loves to hate, because "the dirty little whore" is constantly in the gutter or the clouds. Why cant they just understand a little bit more of life, stand up and say look if we hound the shit out of this woman she may never produce any kind of quality work again, she may end up along with the likes of Kurt Cobain on the end of double barrel train to Skaville.
I don't know, because i rarely read a news paper or listen to the news these days (its too depressing) AND being as well placed as i am on this small Pacific Island Archipelago, (its got to be bad if i know about it!) This press thing of build em up and knock em down drives me insane, okay so i have my own personal agenda hear I need to hear what that voice is going to be able to do with the best recording equipment available and I'm also intrigued to find out what will happen if she ever gets to that bloated Jim Morrison/Elvis phase? Lets face it a bigger frame must mean a deeper voice and a healthier life style, not to mention a sequined jump-suit or beard.
Anywho, the point is that I've been revisiting some of her earlier works this week and you know what, its awesome. Get yourself a decent Ska/Hi-Hop, Jazz band and put some proper everyday social commentary and lay over the top the most exquisite Vaughan/Holiday vocals and this boys in heaven and as its about time I made a return visit, so leave the poor cow alone.

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