Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Work and be Happy

How many people I wonder are fortunate enough to make a living doing some thing that they are passionate about?

It strikes me that if everyone was able to do that then surley we would be over run with Rock Stars and Footballers. What about the other jobs, you know the ones that most of us have to hold down to turn the wheels of industry, do you know anyone who is passionate about them? Maybe thats the wrong way to look it, perhaps people are just fortunate to have a job (period) I know there's been times in my life when i've considered myself lucky to have any old shitty job.

So whats with the current tide of people who are actively seeking ways to change career paths. Bloody good news if your one of these new fangle Life Coach's, but interesting, difficult, troubling and exciting times for the rest of the world. I'm not talking about 20year olds who decide to go off around the world 'finding themselves' before settling down to have kids and no doubt get stuck in the same rat (race) trap as the rest of us. Were talking 30 to 50 year age group who have been in the same industry for the best part of their lives or only ten years in some cases who have just had a guts full of getting up at 5.30 every morning and not getting home before dark, you know the ones who have missed their kids growing up and now cant get to grips with the adult behaviour of there offspring who are now doing all the things that you did when you were a so called young adult.

In the current climate of high unemployment, and with the cost of living rising by the minute, is it a good move for anyone to think about changing careers no matter how long in the tooth they may be? I've come to the conclusion that you're never to old to change your ways, your attitude, your lifestyle, your bank, your hair style our your pants in fact nothing should be out of reach for the free spirited, open minded individual who wants more than anything to be happy and anyway a roll over week never hurt anybody!

So if you want to be happy and wake up in the morning looking forward to getting on with your days work then get your finger out of your arse and get on and show those kids of yours that it's possible to do what ever makes you feel good and live off the proceeds. This is surley the best way, to lead by example break the mold and maybe in a few generations we will be part of the Rock God Race.

Happy Hunting.

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John Liedown said...

Inspirational my man!