Saturday, June 28, 2008

SL Macombee

As if by magic she appeared, haunting, beautiful, dream-scapes, nightmares, daily grind and more this sounds like Nelly McKay on a date with Ian Dury (all hail the Blockheads). No, seriously what a voice! I don't now much but i know what i like and all that..
Stripped down on this occasion to vocal and piano supplied by Paul 'audio man' Issacs. The demo was recorded in house (literally in the lounge) and captures the beautiful natural vocal delivery in its true essence, no fx, no studio work, no double vocal takes just the real thing, live. This i find very refreshing in the current climate.
For fuck sake if you get chance dont miss this outfit live, weather its Sarah performing solo or with any other amount of local and international talent. It's the kind of awe inspiring talent thats worth checking. Check Out

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